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Hi! I am Karina and I am here to share my love towards makeup and beauty! :) Here I create my own looks and recreate looks of famous / or just talented makeup artists! Subscribe to my channel if you want to see high quality short videos on artsy and SFX makeups, celebrity looks, nail art tutorials, OOTDs and much more! :)

Lydia Bowman
your makeup tutorials are awesome  
Pickles & Pie
You have a very beautiful accent! Where are you from?
jill valentine in real life
I wanna makeovers and cosplay d.i.y
DIY Beauty by Leda
Saw the quitting YouTube video and just wanted to thank you for sharing with us. You were and still are my favorite artist on YouTube and inspired me long ago to create my own nail art! I actually ended up starting a small home business of selling press on nails because of all the inspiration I received from you! Thank you for always being so uplifting!
Goodgirl Badgirl
I love your eye make up videos, thank you for sharing your artistic talent
Audrey The Killer
you didnt post a video since 3 months ago... :\
Patdez Nuts
please marry me lol the cut hand was sick
Rainbow Dash
You are VERY talented. <3
Лика Коммент
отличные видео! Всегда с удовольствием их смотрю, если что пытаюсь попробовать на подручный средствах.
Kyle Kary
Hello, just sent you a YT message
Courtney Finnie
I have a question, i was wondering where exactly do you get/buy your products that you use ??
selena harris
hi I also do special events I was wondering were do u get ur stuff from text back by the way ur makeup tutorials are so awesome
Breanna Pike (Bre-Bre)
I love you!! You are beautiful, Talented, and have a sense of humor. You are super-Duper AMAZING!!!!
Jessica Desn
they are fab
Audrey The Killer
do you still make makeup tutorials or do you only do halloween fx now?
Larry Hassenpflug
Love your videos for special effects!  Could you do a video on how to make your eyes glow or appear to glow?  Or else recommend a video/website that shows how?  Thanks, and keep up the great videos!
Andrea Morales
Hello. My daughter is getting married 12/13/14. Can you please do a mother of the bride makeup tutiorial? Thanks. 
Я видеоблоггер кому интересно подписывайтесь!!!!
Julia Rayleany
wow, you're having great ideas :) , by the way how did you get this "checking sign" on your channel , smth called like official???
✨ You are amazing in every possible configuration ✨
Mary Cherry
Hi everyone, I know these messages may seem generic at times, but I film in HD quality, with studio lighting and I’ve recently got studio backgrounds. My editing is exceptional and I try to make my videos as good as possible before I upload them. 
I’m new here so I’m really trying to get myself and my work out there :)
I’m a 20 year old Australian with beauty consultant qualifications but an even deeper passion for all things cosmetics, that certainly shines through in all my videos,
So drop by and subscribe, it’d make my day and I promise to only improve and make my videos as informative, helpful and fun as the one before it! Xxx <3 thankyou 
Heidi Jentz
you should do bride of chucky and chucky tutorial :)
Martin Aldred
Many thanks for all your Halloween videos.
They are a simple step by step guide to getting the perfect result!
Great makeup!!  Cant stop watching your video!! There mindblowing!!
Melon Mcsqueezey
you suck balls
Nazy Zurita Ortiz
please can you do video on how to do a cat eye look at the photo on Facebook and I want for halloween
Your eyeshadow always loos soooo gorgeous I can't believe it. What's your number 1 secret? Blending, brushes, quality, ? (:
Why do you keep deleting your older videos?
Mass Vue
Hey BeautifulYouTV Cools Video. Keep It Up.
i love your videos you are very talented....
Love your channel! you're beautiful!! <3
Joelle Olson
Would love it if you came to check out my Channel, I just posted a Get Ready with me Video,Come check it out:)
i want your autograph your cool
Hi! xx I love all your videos and I think that you're very talented in what you do! I love all the looks and I was wondering if you could possibly do a makeup tutorial for one of Taylor Momsen's looks from the band 'The Pretty Reckless'? I think that your videos are easy to understand than others I've watched and it would be great if you could do this one! Thanks and hope to see what you can do ;D xxxx
Clara Christophersen
hunger games
Карин у тебя совсем нет акцента со скольки лет ты живешь в Британии?))
Wow! I love your videos. You are a TRUE make up artist, and not like those posh stupid girls around youtube who, just because they have a camera and buy mac make up, already claim to be make up artists, when actually they just can make normal makeup like any other girl
Солнышко и тебе спасибочки)))) Ты даже представить не можешь сколько нового я подчеркнула из твоих видео о макияже)))) Продолжай в том же духе ;-))))
Summers Cosmetics
Subbed to show the support! I loovee your katey perry part of me look!! Keep up the amazing work!! Subb back and check out my channel!
Продукты любые (можно ведь заменить любую марку).А цвета хотелось бы теплые :) Спасибо большое :)
Samantha DeMedeiros
I was wondering if you can do and egyptian makeup tutorial for halloween please <3
Мария Пинчук
Не могу найти твой русский канал. Ты не могла бы оставить ссылку?
fbanks for taking the timeto visit my beauty channel! xoxo
We love your talent and give you sub! Kisses
Oops, I thought I was searching for a horoscope (Cancer sign) makeup tutorial :) haha Hope you have a good day!
Sun Kim
Favorite lipsticks ?
Allie LM
HI there, awesome channel!! You're so talented. Love your videos. I've subscribed! An yey you're in UK :) Hope you're having a lovely weekend, xoxo ~ A
Kimone Keane
its on youtube as re:poker face...
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