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We make Minecraft animations of Parodies and original songs. We also created the series "Steve's Adventures" Are you a #Mineworkser ????? Короткие серии мультика о Майнкрафте про Сэма и Стива. Языки: Англиский и Русский. Contact email: mineworksanimation1 at gmail dot com

XD everyone's complaining about wanting a new Steve's Adventure, barely anyone is happy with the awesome parodies
Andrew Kelley
I've got a Minecraft poll on my google+ page..
who is the better Minecraft Youtuber?
legend Hector
Are you almost done with the episode?
Could you make a minecraft parody of "want to want me" by Jason Derulo?
IFlash Games
MineworksAnimations you could make an introduction of minecraft for me if you want to do my skype: Rycker Hacker [ DecSec ] more if it is not asking too much can put at the end of the name iflash games channel and the introduction may be in the sky wars by my channel and the sky wars and etc. Please guy makes me
ReeedBR *
Hello I wanted to ask you a proposal, I wanted to Translate Your Animation For Portuguese-BR. Course Letting All the Credit You
Neonlight the Doomhog (Neon Doomhog)
where is adventures of Steve?!
Quazi Arrummanu Fil Akmam
The best song in this channel is minecraftable
Andrew Kelley
gotta have it
Канал Artica
Вы все лохи полные 
Anima PIG
Quais são os integrantes que compõem o MineworksAnimations?
Sas is Sassy
I love your channel! I always watch your songs and cant spend 10 hours without listening to one! my fav is dragons cause my fav song is radioactive xD
Elf Warrior
All your music is epic lol
Ken220 Rossomando
I was woundering if you plan on working on the Village series I like the series and it's awesome?
Hey i was wondering if you would want to work on a minecraft parody together! If you do want to then let me know and we we can figure out a way of communications! Thanks
Perle “Maxime Sivret” Mauve
Mineworksanimations! Have you heard of elementanimation? i THINK they were looking for someone to hire them... Weren't you looking for more animators?
God i wish i could help with all that awesome work you do, but i know que dall about animating... Unless designing characters is a thing? I love drawing minecraft ocs
pikachu wolf
do you do the animating yourself? if so what program do you use and does it cost money?
Канал Artica
Why us English pereshol ?? Was the Ruthenian
LD\\LockDown 2.0
do a aviici - waiting for love parody
and make it like as a sequel to my revolver
phrudy !
n sabia q vc tinha tanto gostei nesse video
MTG Games
When will next episode of village
Hey What program do you use to animate???
the minecraft pug
I love mineworks they think of everything. The stuff thats happening in front of you and the stuff in the background.
SuperSaiyenWizardCat L
please make more steves adventure please! please
Hello do you does intro of minecraft skype: vslash_br
Dr Wrecker
what do you use to animate your minecraft parodies?
your older videos suited all ages, your new videos are for 8 yr olds :/
Максим Варежкин
Ребята, вам ОГРОМНЫЙ респект за клипы с песнями!!
Pieeye535 Graham
the new update hasnt came yet
Bestreker DDD
чувак какда будет деревенщина джек 2
Robyn Stolz
sup guys that vid called jacks quest was weird but what happens to him next after the mineshaft accident with all the zombies
Jeroen Scholten
do you know sonic36 made a minecraft movie trailer with stuff of this canal
i watch all your videos
Angus Ferguson
What about 'Jack The Villager'
Summer Windsnap
When are u guys gonna post another village episode im really excited to see it.
Thomas Newcomer
They haven't done anything in a month's time now. I would assume that they are working on something big...
minecraft21 sky21
plz make more steve's battle with the ender dragon
Sergej Zuev
Печальная история данного канала:
Когда-то, давным давно, на канале mineworksanimations выходили разные увлекательные видосы как сериал "приключения Стива" и др. Первый сезон был закончен, и планировался второй, который никогда не появился спустя 2 лет.
Была 1. Серия деревенщина Джека, которую собирались продолжить, но забросили. Тогда , авторы ещё выпускали всегда по русской и по английской версии каждого видео, но они решили полностью перейти на английский , т.к не надо было больше так много работать а аудитория все равно росла бы (понимающих английский намного больше )
Единственное, что они теперь выпускают, так это английские майнкрафт пародии на популярные песни, каждый раз выходит то же самое гавно с идиотской анимацией , только лишь что бы люди не разбежались.
Они когда-то собирали деньги с целью нанять проф. Аниматоров итд. Но собрали всего 4000руб (по сегодняшнему курсу) .поняв что серьёзных денег им на сериях не срубить , они полностью все планы забросили.
Такое начало было хорошее, но видимо растущяя популярность плохо повлияла на отношение авторов к каналу.

Так что нам русакам уже нечего тут делать , расходимся
Они на нас наплевали
dylan kainth
please can we have bills by lunch money lewis but wolfs instead
thenat nattida
Are you in server keinett that name BlackManLips?
Karla carlos ramirez
tus bidios caca
Mob Assassin
If anyone needs a parody singer i could really help out
gabis 156
Continue the jack vilage
Riptide Gaming
MineworksAnimations... can I get your help replacing words on my parodies I'm making? Also you can suggest other people...
Antonio Cassano
последнее время страдаете тупой херней,ввиде тупых мультсонгов...дебилизм..хвалил многим знакомым,а в итоге гавно одно.
You've made some of my favorite parodies! Keep up the good waork!
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