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// Welcome to my channel! As you know, I make Winx Club videos, and I'm part of the Winx Official Fans Club! :) I'm from Russia. I make videos during two years. And I had a lot of channels, but these channel was blocked by Viacom Inc. On my channel you can watch exclusive videos, episodes, songs & clips, multilanguages, soundtracks, dubs and much more! Also, I'm doing some projects, like Winxovision, #WinxVote, #WinxInfo, etc. I hope you will like my channel and my videos. Watch, comment, like and subscribe! // My email: Social networks: VK: показать ссылку Facebook: показать ссылку Twitter: показать ссылку Google+: показать ссылку

Клуб Винкс - Волшебное приключение

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Is it true that the Balkan countries are going to take a break after the 13th episode of season 7? :/
I've watched the Season 7 in Bulgarian today on my tv and the intro is dubbed however the outro is not, also the voice actors are the same & the bloomix song is the same as season 6 :D
Sàm Spellman
But you did upload videos less than 5 minutes right? Or even screen cap it? At least Rainbow is nice after giving a lot of chances of advice not to upload but Rainbow shouldn't block the channel. I can't stand it when Viacom just immediately cancel the videos or maybe even block the video transmission maybe, maybe even bring the whole channel down.
michael vela
i want to download your winx club season 7 episode 20 yesterday before it was taken down could you re post it tomorrow or Thursday
Hey, I would like to formally apologize for making it seem like you were the one stealing the videos. I know you well, you haven't stolen any videos. It's a person named Audrey Strickland that's been stealing yours and a lot of other people's videos. I'm so SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry that Jeremiah accused you when he had no idea what I meant. I hope that message gets across to him eventually. Please accept this apology, for I am the one to take the blame on Jeremiah's comment as I didn't make the statement clear. I found 4 videos by you and Katyrína MK, as well as three of mine that were published on Audrey's channel. I saw that you posted the comment ..... on one of the videos so I knew you'd caught him/her red handed. Please, ignore Jeremiah, it was my fault he got the message wrong.
Eva Wang
thx for season 7 episode 15 and 16 :)
Saphira Geer
I really wanted to watch the new episode for this week but i don't understand Greek, Russian or Hebrew. So can anybody help me to find the English version of episodes 11 and 12 please.
Winx cz
What happened to your channel i can' watch your old videos ? :/
Δημήτρης Τσάτσαρης
Can you up-load all the ''winx club'' episodes in greek ?
Δημήτρης Τσάτσαρης
Can I ask a question to you? when are you going to up-load the episode 4 in Greek ? If you are Russian how can you up-load the Greek episodes and not the Russians episodes?
NORTHIX Club Official
i want to feature your channel on mine :)
Butterflix Powers5000
Hi WinxPowers3000 I would love it if we could work on a project together? If you have time you can email me!
‫מועדון ווינקס ישראל‬‎
what happened to you?
can u please upload season 6 episode 18 and season 7 episode 17
Tabassum Fathima
Thanks alot for the episodes in english!
ForeverWinx Friends
oh what's happening on episode 22?
Magic Winx Switzerland
cool videos hope u like mine too maybe we can do something together^^
Merric Christraj
Your channel is amazing, fabulous
Did Season 7 in English get deleted? because yesterday it was here and today I can't find it anymore :(
Muay Juikrathok (C.J.M.)
You channel are great
Cathline Wilcox
Hey I was wondering when u going to get English version on your DailyMotion? Thanks
Tabassum Fathima
What happened to the episodes you had uploaded? I wanted to watch episode 14 but it's not there any more nor are any other season 7 videos!
ForeverWinx Friends
I can't find your multilanguage videos? did u delete them?
Eva Wang
when in season 7 episode 15 coming
Paula C Tocaruncho
where can i find season 7 episodes 1-6?
can u please re post season 7 episode 20 of winx please
ForeverWinx Friends
Can I ask a question to you? are you Russian? Btw i like your channel so much
HoangPhuong Nguyen
Hi WinxPower3000, I was wondering when you going to get the Croantian languane of 6x15 (instrumental)?
Вы можете загрузить Вернуться на меня русский?  я хочу сделать мультиязычный, и я буду использовать его с кредитами)) ^^
пожалуйста, ответьте мне :)
‫רוני אהרונוב‬‎
i see tecna is your fave!
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