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Here I represent video which shows my style of fast shooting from a bow. This style I named dagger-technique (in Russian: "kinzhalnaya technika" or "kinzhalka"). Kinzhalka it is simple and effective, as АК-47. Accuracy, as well as at the standard technique, depends only on the marksman. Force of bow and length of arrows too doesn't influence sense of technique. Здесь я выкладываю видео, демонстрирующее созданный мной стиль скоростной стрельбы из лука. Это так называемая "кинжальная техника" или просто "кинжалка" . Кинжалка проста и эффективна, как АК-47. Точность, как и при стандартной технике, зависит только от стрелка. Сила лука и длина стрел тоже на смысл техники не влияет.

Peter Lannister
when do we get to see Iza again? :)
That Archery Channel
спасибо товарищу
Я многому научился на своих видео .
Я также сделать видео техники Ларса Андерсена на русском языке.
These guys are archer poser.
Real World Archery
Почему вы перестали снимать видео?
Combat Archery
You guys are not real archers. You guys are bunch of fucken virgin nerd posing so hard. Who the fuck shoots arrows half naked. Thats fagged out. How do you guys even compare yourself with Lars Andersen. Huh? Stop posting fucken half naked shooting arrows videos you goofs. You guys are not even real archers. You guys don't even shoot while moving. You guys don't even own horse to shoot with. And when you guys do shoot there is no target. Just shooting at blankets. Useless, all you nerds go find something better to do, your posing hard as hell right now. Fucken nerds. More of that fucken half naked goof. I hope all you fuck face read this, to know that you guys should stop what your doing. Because your not doing it right. from day 1. All you guys are just str8 up toools.
Legion Long
There was something I was wondering, who is the guy that is in so many of your videos? I never see it mention who he is.
You guys be wasting your time watching fake ass arrows shooting.
Everyone go search up Lars Andersen
NO body wants to see half naked fucken faggit shoot arrows.
Lars Andersen
Meta Vet
amazing technique! I shoot a 70 pound longbow with traditional arrows, do you have any tips on how i can improve the speed i nock my arrows? thanks 
Lars Andersen
Search up. Lars Andersen
Athena Wilson
Hello, Sergey.  I have been studying your new style of archery.  I do not speak Russian at all.  I figured out that the key to your dagger technique is not the bow, but the arrow.  Do you make your own arrows, or do you buy them somewhere?  I am trying to make my own arrows. 
FUck you Seregede your a piece of shit you poser. 
I would love to study this style of archery!  Wonderful videos.  Where can we purchase the bows you use in the USA?

Thank you!
Reptile Toolworks Hank
Your skill as an archer and a teacher truly shows . I very much enjoy watching your shooting on u tube . be well Hank in KY
Bogdan Landzhev
Hello, I made a short demostration video of my larp shooting technique. Its not very good, but you can see it on my channel.
Leonis Angelis
Most inspirational. This is something I hope to begin doing soon.
Kokurokoki .KuroTokiMata
May I use your Fast Shooting video for educational purposes?  I will credit you accordingly!  :)
Daniel Oates
Hi, I really admire your archery techniques and have been trying to learn them from your videos. I posted a short video of my progress and noticed that you commented on my technique. You said, "The general sense he understands. But his muscles do not work quite properly. He can shoot faster. And from the stronger bow. Please help this archer to contact me." You can find the video I posted under, "Russian Girl's Rapid Fire Archery Technique" I would be interested to hear what I could do to improve my shooting.
Combat Archery
Greetings from Montana usa ...speed shooting you take it to another hight...very good...i like your style... Peace from Bo in montana
Alexandre Maresca
Thank you for accepting my invitation , Spectacular ability, congratulations !!!
Richard Head Longbows
Excellent videos, well done.
Helen Walmsley
Hi, I'm an animation student at university currently and I am doing a few animations for my final year featuring archers. May I use your videos as references? They are some of the most useful ones I've found showing how a more traditional bow bends before a shot, and what postures the arms take
alejandro castro
Best regards from Spain, I really like archery, I invite you to see my channel
what type/name of the arc that you guys use in videos? ty
Hello! Very nice bow techniques! I wasnt bow-shooting since a year but after this vids i wanna start again!! I have an Recurve Bow from Samick, Modell "Lightning". Can you tell me an Internetshop or the Name of a Good Brand who produces Horsebows like you or the girl in your videos use at Fast Shooting with dagger technique? Thank you so much for this Videos! Keep on going! Greetings from Austria, Cornel
Hi! I'm a segment producer for a production company in Burbank, CA. We want to pay you to use one of the videos from this channel on our show. Check your inbox for the details. Hope to hear from you soon!!
Hi! Of course you can do as requested. I wish you success! I like anime.
Orlando Johnson
Want to learn... Is this a School? What's the deal!
Language School
What type of bow do you use?
What type of bows do you use and where could i get one?
Вероника Селиверстова
Серега, привет!
Combat Archery
We trained hard . in Combat Archery Class . . but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing: and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.
I'm going to have to buy more arrows, and dig the 50lb recurve bow out of the piles of things in my room now :{D>
Good god you are gorgeous with that bow.
Greyarcher1 .
Hi Again ;-) are your Bows made Specialty for this kind of shooting, i mean the tillering who'd not work on standard Bows? i mean you are holding the string so high up on the string so i figure the tillering must be not( standard 3-4 mm) but 2cm or more? or.
Hello, I hope you upload new archery videos soon :) thank you and God bless
Beautiful, sympathetic and FAST! Congrats!
Greg Stein
hello you guys are very inspiring thank you for your chanel. btw i was wundering if you use a specail kind of nock or just the way you hold the arrow or both?
Dale Comstock
the woman with the red hair is sexy^^
Greyarcher1 .
Hi! great shooting? but it wold be interesting to Se HOW you group/Hit whit your Arrows,but amazing speed!!!
Thierry Descamps
It's spectacular !!
Very very good!!
First I thought it would be cool if I go to Murmansk for a week trip and learn the basics of this technique then I found out it is in Murmansk which is literally the edge of the world! That is cool anyway at least watching it :(
Jakub Witor Buszko
Hi ! Your bow skills are great so am subscribe your channel . Thank you !
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