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Hello! My name is Andrei. I live in Russia and run my small business. I am the only woodworker in the shop. It is my full time job. I make only end grain cutting boards. I've been making end grain cutting boards for years. Sometimes I make end grain chessboards, end grain jewelry boxes, etc. I like to work with end grain surfaces. I made a lot of mistakes making end grain cutting boards. I don't want you to repeat these mistakes. So I show the correct techniques and ways of making end grain cutting boards. Hope my channel is useful.

Здравствуйте  Andrei.  I have learned so much watching your many videos! Thank you for the time you put into them.

How long do you put your boards in mineral oil for?

Also, where did you get those awesome metal name badges you screw into your cutting boards when they're finished?
Александр Александ
как же у вас в руках все спорится. супер
I was wondering if you could make something with "wine corks" ?
It could be interesting since recycling is a environmental commitment.
Levi March
I love your job with wood and does a terrific job . How long does it take to make the art work?
(note i used Google translate because I don't know what language you speak)
Я люблю свою работу с деревом и делает потрясающую работу. Сколько времени нужно, чтобы сделать произведение искусства ?
Владимир Сасин
доброго времени суток...ответьте на вопрос....что входит в состав вашего минерального масла?где его можно приобрести?
Reuben Griffiths
where do you buy your clamps? I can't seem to find any cheap ones.Any suggestions?
I was watching your Arabic style video, looks absolutely wonderful by the way.
I was wondering what bits you were using to get the nice deep inlay cuts and what looked to be sharp edges. I am assuming an end mill  upcut bit for clearing then it looked almost like an engraver bit for the edge pass.
  I am just learning how to use my cnc for inlay designs, some turn out great others not so great. I have been using mostly 60 or sometimes 90deg Vbits. I mostly run into problems with the male not seating as deep as it should. Well that and when I have a design with fine sharp points i get chip out because the fine points are not cut as deep as the rest of the design.
Trent Taylor
Really enjoying your videos.  Thanks for taking the time to create them.
Eliseu Zambanini
saudações Brasil São Paulo.
what cnc you use?
Robert Potter
Can you tell me what kind of table saw you have and what is the H.P. And how do you like it.
Thanks Bob
Eduardo Estima
good day, you know tunge oil you already passed it on your cutting tablets.
Carl Brill
Thanks for posting the inspiring and informative videos. I know it takes a lot of work, I appreciate your time.

I have a question, how thick do you make your end-grain boards? They look about 4.5cm? Thanks.
Michael Y
dude I just wanna say, I have no interest in and know nothing about working with wood but I love to watch your videos. they are so relaxing, and it is great to see the amount of detail and care you put into all of your work. awesome channel!
I would like to thank you for sharing your talent. I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night and watching your work is very soothing and relaxing. Never before have I seen someone bring out such natural beauty in wood and leave it in that natural state (other than some oil and wax). I have visited your site and I hope that I will be able to order one of your beautiful boards in the near future. I wish the best for you and your family. :D   
Eduardo Estima
Good afternoon, sorry my English is not very good'm from Brazil, and I am passionate about his work, very good you have a lot of talent, I made a meat tauba to me and was perfect with their videos. You put a fouder dizendos the care tauba of grains you can tell me what you put.
TabLeft Workshop
Just wanted to say Thank you!  I made my first end grain cutting boards this Christmas and the tips I learned watching your videos were absolutely invaluable. Thanks again and keep up the great work! 
Sir, I admire your talent , working with wood and computers for CNC. I try to buy your
plans for the 3d cutting board #3. But your site does not recognise my e-mail address
and asks me the method I prefer for shipping, while it is a download. Is there a way I could get those plans, i.e. maybe transacting by e-mail? 
Congratulations for your work.
Jean Boulanger
Adam Nickel
If you might share the secrets of your craft: how long do you let the boards soak in mineral oil?
David Ross
Hello. would you please share with me where you buy your rubber feet in bulk and what size do you use?
thanks so much
thamer bouchaala
MTM greetings from tunisia 'north africa'  it's amazing how you turn wood into some exellent masterpieces  i hope you keep up the good work
Marko Požaršek
Hi, what cind of CNC machin do you use?
Tim H
Where do you buy the rubber "feets" that you use under the cuttingboards?
Most impressive work you do!
Hello Andrei! Just want to say that your videos are absolutely wonderful. Even though I know next to nothing about this craft, your talent really shows, and it has kept me watching all your videos. Big Thumbs up!
I have been building furniture for years and have so much scrap wood I never knew what to do with it all, until now.  Thanks for the inspiration, and by the way, as a grandfather, I enjoy the cameos of your sons. 
Berkshire Studios
Do your plans come with a detailed material list, including which species of wood to use?
Dax Mickelson
What software program are you using to visualize the cutting board layout?
i need a cutting board for poultry seafood and veggies which of yours do you recommend i don't need anything super fancy design wise but needs to be "end grain"
Richard Good
Tried to purchase plans for the caotic boards, says my password is not correct and it is...................Will not use any other card..........sry................and bye
László Csontos
It is so amazing to see the way it becomes real, thank you Sir, always wonderful facing someone's work who knows his profession so well and creative.
Chris Peters
Do you think that the x carve is good enough to do quality work like your machine ?

Jim G
I remember seeing a video on how to calculate for length of end grain cutting boards. Did you remove it. It was a good reference
David Nunes
Muito obrigado pelos vídeos e continue colocando os títulos em inglês, se for possível coloque os títulos dos antigos em inglês também. Tchau.
Мастерская Дерева ХБ
bob bollard
So inspired by your videos.  Made my first ever end grain board for my nephew & his new bride for Christmas.  The joy and surprize in their faces were such a payoff, I can't hardly explain.  Still amazes me, what I was able to do.  Thank you for showing me how!!!
Louis R
I'm so impresses with your work. I love the cameo with the kids! I was wondering if you can do a shop tour. You have re-inspired me to switch from oil/acrylic painting back to wood working artistry. Very beautiful work!  Shop tour? 
Chris Peters
You must have been asked before, but can you tell me the make and model of your CNC Machine ? 
It is nice to watch a craftsman

Sajid Noor
happy new year   2015  my blesing wiyh you and your fimlay     plz you manage my inglish not good
Добрый день. Очень заинтересовало видео.  Честно сказать:" Прям жил бы в такой мастерской". С другом давно уже хотели занятсяюююЮ тольок немного другим направлением, а именно - клееные двери. Есть пара вопросов 1. что за струбцины вы используете? В принципе на этом пока всё. Ответьте, если не затруднит.
Zeke B
hey are you looking for an apprentice.... 
i would love to learn this.
Catalin Caciula
beautiful all, best regard for you and for your proiects!
Can you do a Dragon inlaid ingrain end grain cutting board 
Mark MacDonald
Hey, just have a quick question about the thickness of material you use, it looks like you use 6/4 thick lumber. Is there any reason you chose this over lets say 4/4 or 8/4? I might be making some with 8/4 lumber and wondering if there are any downsides to using thicker material, the only difference would be the end grain squares would be larger. 
Tyler Hicken
Could you make a video explaining your finishing process?  What exactly is involved with the oil bath station?
Drew Phillips
Hey. thank you for making and sharing these videos. I'm only 18 and it has inspired me to make projects based off of yours. Thanks again. :D
Мастерская Дерева ХБ
Здравствуйте.Если можно,хочу задать еще один вопрос.На Вашем видео я видел барабанный шлифовальный станок фирмы JET .Какие Ваши отзывы об этом станке? Спасибо.
Мастерская Дерева ХБ
Здравствуйте.Я видел у Вас есть ЧПУ станок, не могли бы подсказать по какой цене и где лучше приобрести подобный?Как я понял он не очень большой и по приемлемой цене.Спасибо.
Arwin van Wermeskerken
Beautiful boards. Just curious to know which glue you are using?
Alexey Kropotov
Будет ли экскурсия по цеху? Ну очень хочется.
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