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Looking for job/internship worldwide in cinema, tvc, musicvideos. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Gonzalo Manuel Urbaneja
Very good cannel! Please subscribe to my cannel! thanks
Cecilia Bohemien
Привет! I love your silhouette style!! :) The world of animation is so beautiful and creative!! Я всего хорошего тебе желаю!! ;)
Hey there! I would be very grateful if by any chance you could send me the piano music sheet for the melody in "Invention of Love" by Polina Sizova and Anton Melnikov. Thank you very much for your time!! :)
Invention of Love is so sad! I was ready to cry...Great video! :'| Anyway...nice channel! :) Please accept my friend request! Greetings from Greece! ^.^
Hello fro Australia...I was blown away by your video, absolutely captivating!
Отличная работа!
Wonderful. well done!
monica tod
eto ocheni horosho!
how.... do you do this?
We would really like to get in touch with you about collaborating on a music video. We are an all instrumental band from Austin, TX. We love your work and hopefully you will like our music. Is there any way that we can communicate with you directly? Perhaps through email?
2 thank you for your beautiful videos!
hy can i use Invention of Love (2010) - Animated Short Film in one of my song? :D
Hi Andrey, I love watching your animation on the 'Invention of love'. Just wondering, which software did you use to create it? How did you create light shining from the window? Hope you would not mind sharing a lil. Please and thank you. Steph.
Saul Dominguez
felicidades, gracias
You're definately going places. I cant wait to see you write an actual film. I plan to do that. Even your inspirations video, You're creative. It's your time. Show the world your all!
Congratulations! Your clips are great. show us more!
Hello Friend ;) Pls. check Cr7z New Video on Invention of Love Have much THX peace
Lucinda Blue
Thanks for adding me as a friend! Your film Invention of Love was an artistic treat for my eyes. Thank you. The atmosphere was perfect too, so original. :)
Miloš Štěpánek
Hello, is there any possible way to get piano/violin soundtrack(sheets) from "Invention of Love" by Polina Sizova and Anton Melnikov, please?
sora k
i was so touched by your beautiful animated film! if you dont mind can i ask you a lil bit about the process of making that beautiful piece? did you draw in photoshop and animate them in aftereffects? really wonder what programs you used for compositing, actual animating and drawing? im pretty much self taught myself making animation (a total beginner)and doing concept art. I do wish to make beautiful art like yours someday... would you plz be nice to reply me on my questions? thank you and have a good one!! cheers from korea^^
Lindo canal.....:):):)
Andrey Shushkov
It takes me 5 months everyday work at home, so I will appreciate to everyone who send me some bucks. I'll do my best to make new films for you!
Nelaqua .Studio
You are such a genious !!! I love your animations and i really respect your work ,so i subbed you :) We are making short films and VFX...maybe you want to visit our channel, we would be glad ! Greetings -Luke-
Awesome channel.
Happy Tuesday. Francesco
Melissa Markowitz
Hi Andrey, My name is Melissa and I am a piano composer. I was wondering if you would want to collaborate with my piano compositions. Please please email me at and I will send you a short piece to consider.
I love your invention. Invention of Love. *_*
Max Ablitzer
Wonderful, fantastic, love your shadow play style - it's incredibly poetic, please listen to my music - I think you will enjoy it and get in touch, I'd love to work with you. Max.
Hello! Playing with a small idea, would like to see if you could be part of it. Jerry
Curtis Goodwin
You are by far one of the most Beutifull artists ive met Haza to you mate
Very good animated video ! Thumbs up . Greetings from Germany
Julio Rosa
We like to use your beautiful video to a webclipe of a brazilian band (Marmore de Carrara) .. It's a really pretty song, that says "Princess of a Gale... Its so Beauty that hurt... what will become of us? Doll my backyard, my life, my world, my goodness, my badness". Can we?
Luca Musumeci
Hi Andrey. Nice to meet you. My name is Luke. I saw your movie on Youtube "Invention of Love." It is fantastic. I love the characters, the music and history. It is very exciting. I make short films also. You can see them in my channel. I added you on Facebook. I hope you add me on Facebook. I'd like to talk to you in chat with you and exchange opinions and advice on the film. I hope so much a collaboration in the future. I'm working on a cartoon. It should be out in December. It is on Christmas. Hello! Congratulations, I'm sure you will have much success.
this is so poetic - i love it ! love from germany!
Susan Dey
hello:) I'd like to get permission to feature your short film "the invention of love" in a blog I am currently writing (article is called Top Ten Short Films) I was hoping to link the short film and provide your name and url for your channel underneath
Спасибо за добавление!
Pudin N'Tane
Are the original art work cells for Invention of Love for sale?
love your work
If you can send the song to:
Hi! =D Could you please send me that beautiful song played on "The Invention of Love"? With violin and piano. Thank you very much!
Thank you for making the invention of love-video. I used it for a trailer, when it was licensed under creative commons. If you would like to see it, it's called "Trailer - snöflingan som välter världen". Cheers once again!
Amazing, fabulous, just... Brilliant ! What's the title of the song ?...
Marco Carlini
Congratulations for the short film "Invention of Love", it's wonderful!
hyena sundries
great channel - looking forward to more great videos!!! never stop -hyena
Amazing and breathtaking, thank you! Greetings from Slovenia:)
sid coppi
a big hi from Cornwall... love, love, love it. so good
Dana Stockton
amazing work here!
You are fantastic.
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