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"Real Russia" is the first independent English-language channel about Russia created by videoblogger Sergey Baklykov. The main idea is to make the deepest insight into the real daily life of Russia. Just everything "as is". This is the channel from Russian people to people from all over the World to show that we are more common than different, that we are the children of the same World. Since February of 2015 became the first Russian channel which is started to film and produce in 4K-resolution. Subscribe now and never miss any new videos! In any questions:

Welcome to Real Russia! "Real Russia" ep.1 of 112

real russia

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P E Aoki
I really enjoy watching Real Russia. Just as a suggestion, what about one episode about the  everyday food of a Russian family from the breakfast to the dinner?
Paul Mares
Hey do you have to say something about this/could you explain?

Russian news service Rapsi:

“The Prosecutor’s Office of Bashkortostan filed a suit
with the court following complaints from Ufa residents. A suit was filed
to ban the translation of the lyrics and illustrations on the band’s
albums from distribution in Russia. The claimant complained that lyrics
by the band Cannibal Corpse could damage the mental health of children
because they contain descriptions of violence, the physical and mental
abuse of people and animals, murder and suicide – all accompanied by
The Ufa court agreed with that the Prosecutor’s Office’s claim that
the Cannibal Corpse lyrics available in the public domain could cause
damage to minors and upheld the claim.”

I am a little surprised that there is this kind of censorship and even physical hindrance for the band to perform in today's Russia...

Cheers from Czech Republic,
What a great channel. Thanks for sharing.
The Waiting Flame
I have a request:
Could you perhaps feature a Russian bonya for us?
Cool channel you have here Mr. Baklykov. I was wondering, if you don't mind me asking, if you could do another episode talking about Russian cars? I've always been fascinated by Russian cars, and your video about the Lada Granta video was really cool to watch.
Nancy Parker
Hi Sergei, this is just a thought.  I follow a few family vloggers and some of them have a lot of subscribers....over 100,000 and you are getting close to that.   Several of them have started advertising for specific products that they use anyway, one actually got to do a Walmart commercial and apparently they are making a lot of extra money doing this.  You're different in that they are all American as far as I know and you are Russian but I wonder if there is such a thing as an international product that you could advertise, it really doesn't take that much away from a regular vlog to talk about a product for a minute.  Some of them get these Nature boxes which are just healthy snacks they order thru the mail, have no idea if they can send them out internationally.  But it's just a thought as a way to increase your revenue if the crowd funding doesn't bring in that much and you only do that once in awhile anyway.
Just stopping by to wish you, Albina, and Vika a very *MERRY CHRISTMAS!
valentina makovkina
Сергей, сделайте фильм о Волгограде ко Дню Победы. Все забыли про этот город((
Thanks ... I subbed you back!
☼ˆ◡ˆ) ԊᗩƤƤƳ ᙡЄЄҠЄƝƊ ☀ˆ◡ˆ)
Tim Chandler
Sergey, you are a great guy. Sorry to hear about the plane crash in Egypt. You know there are many broken hearts tonight. 10/31/15
Gee Emm
Hi Sergey, I love watching your channel and it's nice to learn about Russian culture from a native's point of view. I am from the United States, in the city of Houston, the largest city in the state of Texas. I've always been fascinated by Russia and its culture, and your videos are very informative. I also admire your excellent grasp of the English language. Keep up the good work on this channel.
will you do an episode about pets in Russia. dogs cats birds etc.
Goldie Dawn
Thank's for the sub Sergy, subbed you and your awesome channel back. x :)
Hey I have a nice suggestion for the warm season of 2016 and it's related to your native Bashkortostan. I'm talking about the wood beekeeping tradition of the Bashkir people. Their honey is sold at astronomical prices in Russia.
adam haynes
Hello SergiI'm a new subscriber, Just found your channel (by accident). Thank you for showing your country 'warts and all' (not just the best of it). I am from England and have been taught from an early age that among other countries, Russia poses a threat to our way of life etc etc. However your true documentary blogs show a different story. Like us you are all trying to make your way in this world. This is the true media of the world. Blogging. People to people, without governmental bias.Take care! regards Adam from England.
Green Moss
Can you please make an episode about Kino and Viktor Tsoi?
Greetings from Edinburgh :)
Сергей, интересно смотреть на Россию глазами иностранца, вы делаете хорошее дело, ведёте антипропаганду, показывая реальный кусочек России, интересный не только иностранцам.Спасибо.Скажите, пожаулуйста, как называется ваш саундтрек, который постоянно используете, уж очень нравится.Спасибо
Alex Isaacs
what exactly are these dances that groups of people do on the streets?
Когда будете в Москве сделайте видео про метро, старые станции тоже очень красивые, иностранцы будут ахать)
bryce nemehia
Very fun & informative videos! Thanks for guiding us through so many aspects of Russia. You have a magnetic personality & your videos make us feel like we're hanging out with you. Your ability to express yourself (on the fly) in English, is also quite impressive.
All the best to you!
Daniel Hague
Thank you so much my dad hates Russia but thanks to you i proved him wrong Russia is a nice place and its your video that proves it and i used one of your videos for a college presentation as it was what i chose to do and I got a high pass its rare to get that where i am :) 
Hi Sergey.. Are you still doing the live video chats on youtube ?  I saw one that you did a few months ago and was wondering if you did anymore and are still doing them. If so, is there a set day and time you do them ?  would like to watch and join in again . 
nonoyo beezewax
Dude your channel really kicks butt! I love it.  It is better than any TV program available. Your show is insightful, totally informative, and very enjoyable to watch.  Keep up the great work!  Thank you very much for creating your channel. 
Cosmin Lazar
Hi, my name is cosmin and I am from Romania , and I saw on youtube that the Russians make a lot of accidents and would not know how to drive , so if you do a video with the steps that need to be in Russia to obtain license driver. and I want to tell you that I love the Russian people and show your beautiful , I wish you much luck and how many programs.
Thank you, all the team is great! very instructive and without bullshit :)
Allen Israel
Sergey, what do you do when you are not doing vids?
Ned Shipman
Well, I was watching your live streaming this afternoon (Sat. 7/8/15 5:40PM local time) and got knocked off of your stream for some reason. Tried to find the stream on your channel but could not. Anyway, just wanted to say, greetings from Louisiana in U.S.A. I am highly impressed by you and what you are doing. Been watching you from almost the beginning. I would like to see an episode about the car dealers in Russia and what kind of cars are available if possible. Look, I really want to apologize for all the idiots asking you silly and inappropriate questions. There are good and bad people every where. Try to overlook the idiots out here if you know what I mean. The food that you have shown recently really sounds good. I am going to look for some recipes from your area and try them out. That soup at the coffee house sure looked good. I love to try different food from different cultures and ethnicities around the world!! Maybe someday I can travel to UFA and visit for a while. Well, keep up the good work and good public relations from Russia to the world. The world really has become a global community we all live in. Thank you
Hi, I just found your channel and began to watch your videos, i will watch them all. They are very interesting and entertaining to watch. 
Hi, I love your channel. And thanks for the sub :)
In COD we trust
Very educational and informative videos. I thank you for it. Keep up the good work.
Jerry “NMsanduneman” Staeden
Sergey perhaps some videos about the Russian Trains would be interesting to some of us Rail Fans.  In the US there are many photographers that film trains both the freight trains and passenger trains.  Plus a lot of us old retirees still enjoy watching train operation videos on youtube.  I would bet this may increase your subscribers also.  Just a thought.  Thank You again for your videos.
Alex Isaacs
I seen your skype broadcast  it was very good , except for the perverted dummy's that get on their writing stupid stuff. I don't know if you got the chance but I asked you a question, what kind of operating system you had on your computer? Oh by the way maybe the perverted dummy's been eating to much  "GMO'S" genetically modified organism . I hope this never comes to your country. If you don't know what this is you might want to do a little research in case you ever come to America .
will s
What is really happening in Russia Now, on March 16th 2015. Why has Putin said nothing about the Fiery destruction of the Unesco World Heritage Tower in Moscow? 
Have you done a visit to a hospital? Would that be allowed? Or a clinic or doctor's office, dentist, etc.
Matthew Chertok
Sergey–when you first started your channel, how did you get people to watch it? Also, how do you monetize videos that have the "Minsk-2" song in them? Wouldn't YouTube not let you monetize those videos because of copyright laws?
I wish you much success in 2015 and beyond. EVERYONE on this ball that is spinning and hurtling through space should tell this to themselves every day, "remember, we are all in this together," this is a quote from the TV personality, "Red Green," I think he nailed it.

  You are the hope for your generation to right the wrongs that my generation did, I have passed this quest onto my children, I hope it takes root.

Thank you for the shout out, bless you and your family,
Bob Hightower
John Smith
you should make an video on Kvass and how to make, i only have had the ones made big companies like ochakovskiy kvass
modeia fin
Hi  you have done great work for foreigners to learn about Russia again good job keep going and also make some  good video's of   Russian Beaches in Summer with beautiful people showing real Russian beauties sergey Baklykov
Bel Gica
Just discovered your channel, your video's are great!

No fake, no bullshit. =)
David Spencer
Hey Sergey, it's Dave, the English guy.  We met in Moscow last March with the google team and got drunk on flaming sambucas...  Get in touch if you'd like a copy of the photos and videos! :)
Marty Zigman
Are you ready to accept Bitcoin?
Ivan Tarasenko
Are you doing anything for Victory Day this year?
I am really exited!

Mihai Traistariu Official
hello, this is my alias name. i'm for a major romanian free magazin. i want to make an interview with you. give me feedback. hope to recives response from you soon
John Hughes
I missed your live skype broadcast on 3,5,15. Was it recorded and will it be available to see again?
Hi Sergey! I was wondering if you could maybe talk about the religious institutions in Ufa/Bashkortostan? I know you made a video about St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, but I'm curious what the churches and any other religious places in Ufa are like. (I'm not religious myself but I think it would make for an interesting video) Also, thank you for sending me an Ufa Arena postcard! I look forward to receiving it :D -Kathleen 
reda laghzaoui
please make more videos about Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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