Luca Lampariello

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Hello, everybody. My name is Luca and I'm from Italy. This channel is dedicated to my greatest passion -- languages. I've been studying languages for about 20 years and a few years ago I reached a very important conclusion: languages cannot be taught; they can only be learned. Once you realize that it totally changes your approach and you understand why the famous "language classes" have such a low success rate. So I decided to share not only my passion for languages but also techniques for studying them, with optimism, passion, effective methods and experience. Learning a new language takes time but it's not difficult. My mission is to help people understand that. If anyone tells you you that just knowing English is enough tell him "he who learns another language acquires another soul" The Polyglot Dream показать ссылку Subscribe my channel показать ссылку Like me on facebook показать ссылку

Fluent in 3 months
Your channel is looking gorgeous Luca! I should take a leaf out of your book and redesign my second one. Keep up the excellent and interesting videos and see you again soon! :)
Isabelle Victoria CIERNIAK
Bonjour Luca, je suis tombée sur votre vidéo par hasard, vous êtes un exemple à suivre.
Très bonne continuation !
Josivan gonçalves
Olá meu amigo, gostaria que você me desse algumas dicas para ficar fluente em qualquer idioma, pode ser?
Gostei muito dos seus videos, Só mais uma pergunta "qual é idioma que você aconcelharia para mim aprender a estudar primeiro em?
Waldemir Fernando Silva
Luca! Gosto muito dos seus videos e das suas dicas! Parabéns pelo belo trabalho!
Thanks! Grazie! Obrigado!
Evan Font
Has anybody else tried to learn there first second-language when they were a little older? I'm twenty-seven and monolingual and am only now seriously pursuing it, French to be specific. Luca, Richard, Tim Doner, and everybody else in the community have been really inspiring to me but sometimes it does feel like it may be a little too daunting. And my friends think this interest of mine is kind of weird, but then again maybe it is lol. I was just curious if anybody else didn't start language learning until later on either an how you got over the, "I'm too old" hurdle. Thanks guys!
-NonSoloViaggi84 -
Hi! Your channel is really interesting. Thanks
supercar modifications + designz
hello and bon jour
David Reveron
Hej Luca! Vad kul att du har lärt dig svenska. Jag tror inte att det är det språket man brukar välja då man ska lära sig ett nytt språk. Jag har bott i Sverige sen jag var sju år och tycker att svenskan är mitt modersmål och jag har inga som helst problem att förstå dig. Hur länge har du du pluggat svenska?  Tack för en bra youtube-kanal!
Andres Cabero
Hai mai pensanto in imparare basco? So che non è ufficiale in nessun paese ma ti sarebbe molto interesante per la grammatica e le parole, e i suoi 15 casi hahaha
Johnny Aguirre TV
Hello Luca, I've watched some of your interesting videos before and plan on reading some articles on your blog. Can you please check out our YouTube channel and if you like our comedy, subscribe to us? :) Thanks for reading
fabrizio farina
Ciao Luca, hai consigli per imparare a pronunciare correttamente la "R" tedesca??

Connor Devonish
I'm planning on learning a language, and someone told me I need to start reading books in that language, which I totally get. But I cant even have a conversation in this language, so trying to read a book will take a very long time because I'l have to translate each sentence separately. I don;t mind doing this if it would help me learn, but would it be worth it? Because its so slow, will I end up not benefiting from it?
Thomas Sears
Hi Luca. I wanted to learn Latin-American Spanish, but I could only find Assimil that teaches Castilian spanish. Is there a Latin-American Assimil course? If not, is there another beginner-intermediate spanish language program you recommend?
Medhi D'Angelo
Vorrei dire che voglio imparare tante lingue, ma non so come devo commiciare. Il mio italiano è cosi cosi allora voglio megliorarlo! Ma non so come fare, mi puo dare qualqune consegli? Grazie tante!
Ming Yuan
How can I send a message to you?I have some question about learn language using translation 
Mikael en français
Bonjour Luca,
Ça fait des années que je suis tes vidéos. Quand je suis resté à Paris en 2012 je fréquentais les "cafés polyglotte" mais on y était jamais en même temps. :)
Keep it up, bon courage ! Et bienvenue en Finlande un jour ;)
alan dubresil
Salut Luca, je suis tombé sur une de tes interview sur le net et j'ai trouvé ça très intéressant. Je suis actuellement en Espagne dans le cadre d'un stage et j'ai vraiment pris goût aux langues. L'année prochaine je prépare ma licence en Ecosse. J'aimairais si possible que tu m'expliques en quoi consiste ta méthode, parce que je suis un bosseur mais je ne sais pas par où commencer. Etan perfectionniste, je vois une langue comme une science parfaite qu'elle n'est pas. Je suis preneur de tes conseils. Amicalement, Alan
Lazar Popadic
Hello , love your channel , what do you think about speaking dead languages , profoundly speaking latin and ancient greek , i already speak fluently english and serbian ( since it is my native language ) and currently i'm learning latin and french in school so is speaking latin a good thing , because i heard it can help with learning the romanian languages because they originated from latin . So is it a good thing :)
Buenos dias Luca. te saludo de Perú-lima. soy un joven que quiere aprender inglés e italiano a la vez de forma autodidacta... he visto tus videos y me parece excelente.

Mi horario es el siguiente.
solo tendré 4 horas libres de 7pm a 11pm (ya que de 8am a 6pm. trabajo)

-Lunes a Jueves (4 horas diarias con un break de 15 min. cada 2 horas)

-Viernes a Domingo (4 horas diarias con un break de 15 min. cada 2 horas)

* el idioma más dificil para mi es el inglés, asi q le doy más prioridad...
* los 2 idiomas lo terminaría en 1año y 3 meses.

-Quiero un consejo hasta de un conejo... ¿está bien estructurado mi horario (horas)?
-Me aconsejaron que estudie los 2 idiomas todos los dias... y yo pensaba si estaria bien las 2 primeras horas inglés y las otras 2 horas italiano.. o las 3 primeras horas inglés (idioma dificil por asi decirlo) y la última hora italiano...

¿habria un problema en estudiarlo de esta ultima forma? o que me recomiendas? gracias de antemano por tu respuesta.. Dios te bendiga... tengo 28 años y tengo pokisima bse en inglés... pero cuento con todos los materiales para aprender los 2 idiomas.. tengo todas las ganas de querer hacerlo.. en serio.  nunca habia sentido estas ganas de aprender idiomas x mi cuenta... x eso compré la laptop y un ipod..

Alex Sander
hello, im currently studying italian, by any chance, can you recommend me any  italian movies or shows?? would like to get used to hearing the language =) grazie
Alex Lex
Ciao Luca!sono iscritto il tuo canale da un annetto, e seguo il tuo metodo (o almeno provo, tempo permettendo!) Vorrei la tua opinione su una cosa: io parlo francese e lavoro nella svizzera francese (faccio il medico), e vorrei cominciare a studiare tedesco ma sono ancora alla lezione 60 o giù di li di assimil-francese...
Pensi che vivendo in un ambiente francofono io possa sorvolare e cominciare il tedesco??

PS lo studierei per spostarmi nella parte "tedescofona", so che li parlano un dialetto ma tutti qui mi hanno consigliato di studiare comunque il tedesco "originale" :)

Grazie mille e complimenti per il canale!
Rosanne Bekker
Je kan echt heel goed Nederlands! Hoe heb je dat zo snel geleerd? :) Als je meer wilt leren of wilt oefenen, dan bied ik graag m'n hulp aan om het vloeiend te krijgen als je dat leuk vindt... Hier is m'n e-mail/msn: Met gezellig praten kan je ook al heel wat bereiken! ;) Succes met alles, ga zo door.. heel goed.
Marcelo Alvarez
Hola, sabes me gustaría aprender inglés, ojalá puedas ayudarme!!
Zikoniss Books
parli Arabo ?? ^_^
Bender Fry
卢卡 ,你的兴趣爱好里面怎么有 "二战" :-)
Salvatore Nieddu
Sei diventato il mio nuovo idolo!! bravissimo :)
Andrea H
Ciao Luca! Mi consiglieresti il testo che ritieni piu' adatto per imparare lo spagnolo?
Benjamin Holfeld
Hi, Great Channel!! :-)
Gibt es vielleicht Neuigkeiten bezüglich deines Buches? Stimmt der Juli-Termin noch? Ansonsten alles Gute und mach weiter so! :-)
Hello there, You have a very awesome channel.I enjoyed all of the videos you have posted.I think it's very cool you know and also learned many languages.I am very impressed that you can pick up different languages.I hope you can learn middle eastern languages like arabic,persian,turkish,and hebrew.
German Lourenço Mejia
I cannot claim any experience in learning languages. So, I would like to ask you polyglots what you think about the following mnemonic methods: a) The Roman Room System (The Town Language Mnemonic); b) Linkword (The LinkWord Technique); c) Gold List System (The Gold List vocabulary method) For the later, see the YouTube channel user/usenetposts Has anyone used one of these for increasing vocabulary?
Accidenti... dopo aver fatto un video comico sulle lingue, scopro un sacco di gente interessante... complimenti, Luca! Io sono spesso a Roma, mi piacerebbe incontrarti e imparare qualcosa di nuovo conversando con te. Buono studio. :)
magicme .meme
ciao Luca.. you speak many languages , how do you maintain all the vocabulary from each selected language? for example when working I must work on all muscle areas to not lose mass, so I work out each area during the week, for learning languages would you spend time going over each language like a sports player works on his fitness? considering you have many languages to exercise , do you spend a few hours each day updating and maintaining your gains? like working out, if I would stop working out for a month or two I will lose gains and mass in those selected areas.. so what kind of workout routine do you have for all your languages? thanks..
Hi Luca! You are truly an inspiration. I would like to thank you for these wonderful videos and ask you if you have specific tips to learn Swedish. Tack så mycket and keep the good work :)
Curso de Italiano con Carmelo
ciaooooo ti volevo fare una domanda :D sto studiando spagnolo da un paio di mesi grammatica e tutto volevoo sapere quante parole dovrei sapere per parlare lo spagno fluetemente???? asp la tua risp =)
Hello fellow polyglot! Impressive accents! Have you ever lived in Russia? Your Russian flows very naturally. Bravo! Das Leben der anderen is an excellent movie. Griping until the end. CYCAHHA
Stefania Musumeci
And lol,this is also going to sound so weird...but lol you have such nice eyes!!!!...hahahah Anyways, take care!
Pipe Ninco
hi Luca!! How are you? I hope you're well Im from Colombia and study chemical engineer... so I want to you learn me another languages or Also in engineer!!! Thnak u so much!!! We're talking!! Do u want my msn or skype? I wait your answer!!! Good Day!!!
Je Nederlands is erg goed, maar ik merk wel dat je met de uitspraak van Nederlands meer moeite hebt dan met de uitspraak van andere talen. Toch heel knap dat je zoveel talen spreekt! Groetjes
Jurobola, Georgos
Vous êtes à Paris, n'est ce pas? Avez vous déjà rencontré le Polyglot club?
James Emery
Hey Luca.... I hate to split hairs but I noticed a little error in your channel description. You wrote "from a scientific point of you", but it should be "from a scientific point of VIEW".
Monica love
I like you so much <3 !!! : :**
Angela M. Ohm
E scusa per la frase ultima! Deve essere: So che ho ancora tanti problemi!!! :D Vedi? E vero!
Bancov Marta
Vielen Dank für deine hilfe!
Luca. Been watching you for over a year now, and you've inspired me to start picking up more languages. On the 27th of this month I'm moving to Italy and will take language courses for a year. I'm very excited about it. By the way, your English vocabulary is leaps and bounds greater than the average American's. It's really impressive, considering you've never been to America. I want to see more Chinese and Japanese videos! Ciao.
Armin Poot Couóh
Hello Luca, i'm Armin, from México, i speak spanish as mother tongue and i'm in the process of learning more and more english. Luca,i respect you a lot and i'd like to chat with you sometime in order to help me improve my english. Please, if you are reading this message and you can respond it, i'll thank you a lot. My e-mai address is And as i say, i'd like to become one of your friends. Thanks Luca, i hope your answer either here on to my mail. Take care brother!!
Hi Luca, have you considered learning Arabic Language ? I wish to see you speaking it so much I love your work , you are such an inspiration wish you the best
Hi Luca! You're a huge inspiration to me! Lo parlo quattro lingue e ora sto imparando Italiano. I'm absolutely in love with your language so I'd love to learn it well. Do you have any recommendations for free online resources or books I can use to best learn Italian (by "best" I mean that I dont want to sound like Google translator, I'd like to speak it like Italians do as much as I can :) Grazie mille!
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