Stop a Douchebag

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"Stop a Douchebag" - is a Russian youth movement that attempts to enforce the road traffic regulations in Russia. We do not fight for the law. We fight for people to think about the rights and convenience of others regardless of whether there is a police officer near them or not. For donations показать ссылку

Naten Johnson
You guys are awesome. Првет from the United States! :)
jamaican gyallis
There are soooo many videos on the main channel. PLZ translate and post them all!
Yotie Coyote
Awesome channel!

have you guys considered getting a "STOP STICK" as a deterrent for people to drive any further thru sidewalks?
Having watched all these "driving on the pavement videos " I think they are great tv. However....I think you should disassociate yourselves from The smoking crew. Lion Versus .. Blah blah ....They are aggressive and nobody really cares. They harass people and don't have a moral or safety standpoint. They respond too quickly with violence and seem intent on beating people up rather than restraining them. Its hard to feel supportive when the guy in the right has to start fighting....
Love the videos!
C4SEface o_O
Nice work, keep being Hero's.
Keep up the good work! Greetings from Germany!
great channel.
russia is such a beautiful country. could be so nice to live there.
if there weren't all these corrupt criminal rich ass holes.
Aw, I've watched all the videos.  Need more.  Love the work you're doing.  (from Seattle, WA, USA)
Klaus-Heidi Andersson
Awesome! Can't stop watching!
Keep up the awesomeness!
Klaus-Heidi (Sweden)
sarawut rungsri
A cocky if I come across the country. Then I will not do this.
JesseJhon Andrews
Simply said: "Whether Jail, Prison, Death or all three...any person or group that ever personally chose to impede my freedom of movement, whether I am on foot or operating my automobile; or I am a real-time witness to same said vandalism or bullying being done to another person on foot or operating their automobile, and that person or group of people committing the act of tyrannical behavior against said traveler, does not have a security clearance of Q99 or higher: A flurry of movement would be the last thing they ever remember feeling, before they died."
Bramborail Frimp
I watched it so quickly :) any more videos ?
Æ - Copycat
How come that some of your videos a missing/deleting from your channel? Did something happen?
Veroslav Kolacek
Bravo momci,svaka cast! I mi u Srbiji imamo isti problem! Samo tako nastavite! Pozdrav!
Tohle je kanál ňákých blbečků ne?
This is great stuff.
Michael Grattan
Great job guys,, Stay safe. (From N.Ireland..)
Ed Van Halens got some jihadi fanboys who have declared YouTube their and Eds own personal mosque, and anyone who dares stand up for their right to watch and post whatever and leaves a negative comment must die according to Ed, who is God. 
Boyerz Urashima
Hi Stopxam team! :D I'm a motorcyclist from Philippines. Every traffic jam, a lot of motorbikes would use the sidewalk if there's no people walking by. but tonight i encountered this activist recording us using his phone. he had enough of motorbikes driving on the sidewalk. he might probably watched your videos or so. but if im in russia, i deserve the sticker! :( but just that we motorbikes have to keep on going so we can give space to cars since some motorbikes occupy space during traffic jams but keep up the good works folks. but anyway when that guy said "get off the sidewalk!" i did listen so i didnt need the sticker afterall lol
Titus Sorensen
Greetings from Las Vegas. You guys are doing the work of saints. Thank you for existing, and doing what you're doing. It's a beautiful thing.
Dear СтомХам crew i was astonished by your acts of heroism - i would like to ask you if i can use the name СтопХам in Bulgaria - want to make a crew with some friends and try to make a difference to be a hero like you we can make this global !
David Nahrvar
What you are doing renews our generation's hope for humanity. Please let me know where I can buy your apparel and stickers so I can do what I can to support this cause, or list your official website. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts thank you.
Kiss Romeo
BRAVO! And keep it up!
Radu Frunza
Keep up the good work guys!!! Greetings from Romania
Hey guys, greetings from germany. You are doing such a grat job. Go ahead! Good luck and take care of yourself. Awesome Awesome Awesome.....
BalokuJames et Compagnie!
Hi from France, you guys are awesome! Keep the great work! :)
Jochem Van staey
Good job guess! Belgium support you all!
Kevin Hart
I have been to Moscow several times, and what you are doing is very needed as people drive like they are crazy there. But I would stop the cars, and then lay down a board with tire spikes in it. Inform them of the spikes, and if they drive over the board anyway, it will be them that punctured their own tires, not you! They will then have to back up, and nobody has to lay on a hood and maybe get injured! Hope this helps? Keep up the good work.
there is a device to smash a car window in one swing.... GET THEM for those fools that assault you with their vehicles.
Lucian Hills
Greetings from South Africa. I think it is fantastic what you guys are doing. Obey the law and keep safe. You inspire me. Love your work =) 
Maxx Chewning sent me!
nikita lyubashenko
How do you get a t-shirt?
Guy Parris
Excellent work!
...its horrifying how many people are driving on the sidewalk and its even more terrifying that some of them think they have a right to do so or even start threatening you ...must be a common practice in russia (omg)
also remarkable is that ever 3rd guy you stop is carrying a gun, knife or a bat ... and that guy with his AK ...xD 

keep on keeping on guys, great stuff !
thehound ofulster
You guys are awesome. Much respect from Italy! Stay safe  уважение
Michael Knowlen
You guys are Fantastic!!! Hello from Florida!
the light is bright and the shadows dark
Я бог моей души и дух Мой мое тело,
для я управлять, что я говорю,
то, что я делаю, и как я думаю,
никто, кроме меня не имеет эту власть.

Я свет и тьма, я вижу перед собой,
мы должны принять все вещи хорошие и плохие, и сделать наши умы их это ваша душа ждет решения о том, как вы нажмете на.

не бойтесь, Что прийти,
быть счастливым внутри все, что вам сделали ваш дух в все от мала до велика, так обнять их всех !!

 Я люблю вас всех от
sarawut rungsri
I do think that casting a single look on.
what amazing videos you guys make. I wish there were more citizen groups that acted as you do! keep up the good work!
You guys should make a compilation of fights
One of the best channels on  YT!!!
You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!
You have my respect, keep it. But be careful to you :) From : One man in switzerland ^^
satori san
Awesone jobs guys! (support from Indonesia)
 you guys are super   keep up the great work  greetings from the Netherlands 
Dick Campens
Two tumbs way up for you guys... Interesting to see that even the most stubborn person gives in and admits he/she is wrong. Russian people are good people.
a b
I've watche every single video of yours within just three days and what you are doing is great! I really have huge respect for you guys, standing up tall against those douchebags. If I come to Moscow one day, I'd like to participate somehow. Please keep up the awesome work you do and stay safe! :)
iSamara co
Nice to see somebody stand for good thing. Great work!
Hey guys, I was thinking latetly about a device that could make the sidewalks safer, its a pressure plate/ strip , its a strip with spikes in them with rubber/plastic over it , if a vehicle heavier than 200 kg( 200 kg per wheel)  passes over there tires get punctured , and people are not harmed cause they can just stand on them and not activate this strip .
I know you guys use a non harming way to stop these guys ,but this idea could also be used by the government themselves,and by the way its not your fault they drive over this strip.
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