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Всем привет! Я Татьяна Склёмина. На моем канале вы увидите мастер-классы разного уровня сложности по плетению кос и выполнению вечерних, свадебных и повседневных причесок. Сделав простую прическу, в дальнейшем вы сможете освоить технику создания более сложных образов. Учитесь, набирайтесь опыта и придумывайте новые стильные и модные прически. -------- Приглашаю всех посетить мой новый канал показать ссылку На этом канале я буду размещать видео уроки с комментариями на русском языке. Please visit my new channel for more hair ideas! показать ссылку Группа ВКОНТАКТЕ показать ссылку Twitter показать ссылку Мой канал по рисованию. My channel with drawings- показать ссылку

Bree Thomas
где вы покупаете вам mainican головы?
Where do you buy your manican heads?
rafika yekhlef
Salut à tous et à toutes Je suis très contente d'etre parmi vous merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous faites franchement bravo...
Shannon Day
I love your hairstyles! I am so impressed! I use your techniques to strengthen my abilities as a hair stylist. Thank you so much. I would love to see how you do the roller set to prep for the Updo. Is it with an Iron and then rolled? Or freshly clean and almost fully dry and then rolled? 
Katerina Pyrkh
Amazing channel! loved your hairstyles and you show everything very good and easy to understand. Good luck in your work!
Ken Ku
good good good..!!
charles bryant
Where do you get your mannequin heads from
Nofar Erenberg
Omg, I love your hairstyles! You do it precisely. I wish I could do it that way too! Have good luck!
cath grice
Do u use anything on the hair to make it shine
Sevcan Ates
Hello i m from berlin
can i pleas my hair styling pleas
Arley Yuson
I love your videos and seeing how you create these beautiful updo's!  Where do you get the hair nets that you're using in some of your videos?  I'd love to try them out and practice with them.
nassreddine goumirat
Thank you Madam all Fayyohat wonderful we learn a lot you do not know what to say but the word Thanks very little in the right Madam wonderful Ante really professional I'm here in Morocco Read the barber school, but I did not learn like what I've learned from you Madam Thank you
So Fragile
Hey dear, where you get your dolls from?
nassreddine goumirat
  I want to ask Is it possible that also give us lessons in make-up and hairstyles also thank
Priya Verma
please give me your acadamy address.i m intrested in hair style. I would like to join ur  hair styling course. please send me details
G Amad G B
salut je vous remercie pour tes coiffes ,elles sont magnifique vraiment waaaw!! je suis coiffeuse et j aime bien tes idée bravo continue
beti l
Мир! Некоторые вещества, в какой японского волос прическа?
Yessica Tavitas
Todos los vídeos me encantaron! Estoy sin palabras, están súper bonitos y tus vídeos son muy útiles, ¡¡¡¡ERES MI YOUTUBER FAVORITA!!!!
Vanesa ceballos chate
hola mira necesito saber el peinado de las tres flores para que ocacion sirve
 where i can send you a photo? and you can re-created the upto in the picture??
Princese LUNA
you are my best i love y
Elisabeth Schicker
Wow! You're amazing!!! Never stop these videos!!!
Paloma Casares
Can I find you on pinterest?
Sherrie Wood
Hello Skelmina, I really enjoy your tutorials. May l ask you to show us some up-dos that are done on hair that is medium length, long layers and a fringe (growing). I used one of your hairstyles for my dance competition last year and it was outstanding. I have some hair extensions as well, so incorporating those would also help. I enjoy braids and twirls (which l do often). Have a lovely day. Sherrie :)
Dipti Desai
I love your hairstyles i have same question how do i buy dummy for hair like you do.smooth hair on dummy.please advise
настя собина
Hello Could you repeat this hairstyle?  file:///C:/Users/nasta/Desktop/%D0%9D%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B0%D1%8F%20%D0%BF%D0%B0%D0%BF%D0%BA%D0%B0%20(3)/wqWh4Xln4KE.jpg
Mishi A
Hi, I really love your channel. First of all thanks a lot for all your creations. Its has been very helpful for me.. Just a question though can you make a hairstyle for short to medium hair? Thanks again.
Seven karim
Hello, I'm very pleased to use your style; my wife is very gratfull for all your videos; thank you a lot
Лейсан Миндубаева
"Hello! And can you recommend a hairstyle for the wedding to BRING me lazinica all golove,length ALOS short.
You are so cool!!! Thank you for your hard work on sharing your knowledge!!!
nice work from you!
elisha r
hello womenbeauty1 I was just wondering, where do you get your manikin heads from???
- thank you! :)
camila miranda
the best tutorial's chanel ever!!! i love you're work <3 
kiss from chile
erkan doğan
Ваша работа, по крайней мере, как красиво, как вас.
‫זוהר וינינגר‬‎
where do you by the dolls heads?
Lakorn Thai
Can you do a video on how to make a Laos or Laotian Wedding Bun?
Noor Fazal
ur hair styles are simply amazing.....superb.....:) but u use so many bobby pins..:)
Sorina Crisan
I love this channel!! congrats
Вика Лоск
спасибо за видео! :))
I reguil
hello, I been wanting to know where you can buy those stuffed sock things you use on most your hairstyles for volume. thank you.
Genesis Martinez (Gene o Elle)
hi my name is genesis
can you make a hairstyle for a quinceañera birthday please thank u 
Aysha Pari
hello can u plz tell me where u live i am intresstet
I really love your hair work and it's wonderful. May I know where I can buy the hair model??? Thanks. 
Susan Cohen
Please does anyone know where to find these mannequin heads? I've looked everywhere!
joanna clarke
Hi where do u buy ur hair stuff
Icess R.
Love this channel!
Irizarry M
Sorin Ionita
Hello! You are the best ever! Congratulations!
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