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~• ASMR / TINGLES ~•~ WHISPER ~•~ COMFORTING ~•~ RELAXATION / MEDITATION ~•~ NATURAL SLEEP AID ~•~ SOOTHING VOICE / SOUND THERAPY•~ In this world of stress and chaos I wish my channel to be your secret island of relaxation and peace. I'm here to comfort you, to share my love and care with you, to make you feel relaxed and stress free through creative and soothing videos.Let me try and keep you company at hard times, let me calm you down and help you sleep on restless nights, let me be your friend and be a triggerer for your tingles (ASMR) or simply help you find beauty and peace in places you might have never thought of looking. Contacts: PO Box 1017, Reisterstown, MD USA 21136 Maria GW My Second Channel for Vlogs and behind the scenes: показать ссылку

Ladies and Gentlemen Oh how special and humble you make me feel today I am in swimming in your love messages and they make me feel sooo happy! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU :))) you've made my day so bright and full of fuzzy feelings LOVE Y'ALL!!!
Aryan Ameri
I use ad block so this is my way of supporting your efforts.

Thanks for your amazing videos. Please continue to be ever so awesome.
Congratulations on reaching 450,000 subscribers on this channel! (: 
This channel has reached a 200K mark and I am just speechless... :*O I cannot believe how many people have generously shared their time watching some of the videos and I am soooo grateful and in so much owe to ALL of you for such a wonderful journey! :*D I thank you for believing in ASMR/tingly love :) and helping me discover new levels of this wonderful feeling. I couldn't have done anything without your guidance and your feedback. Thank you for the good and the bad ♥ I love you all very much!!! :D
Congrats on being named one of Cosmopolitan's 50 most fascinating people on the internet! What a awesome honor and you deserve every accolade! 
Hey everyone :) I hope your Friday has been an awesome day so far. By aloooooooot of requests I created a PO Box for those who want to write to me physically :-P ofcourse I love you all and words are not needed, your good energy and smiles is all that fuels me :-D but it's just something that is a more secure and private way for me to get mail from some of you. :) Here it is: Maria GW, PO Box 1017, Reisterstown, MD 21136 LOOOOVE TO ALL OF YOU GOOD PEOPLEZZZ :) Have a great weekend!
U Beeware
Maria.. It looks like you haven't been on this discussion board for two months... Do you still come here??
Masha I absolutely love your videos! And I especially love the videos where you talk about femeninity so i was wondering if you could do a video talking about body shapes and styling them! I keep reading about it online but I'm sure you would take the info to a whole new level!! Just an idea!! You are amazing thank you so much for keep making videos and giving us such relaxation and peace!!
Craig Olson
I just recently discovered ASMR. For over 40 years I've felt like I must be some kind of freak and didn't think that anyone else had that kind of reaction to certain voices and sounds. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not alone, that there's nothing wrong with me. You have truly taken a weight off my shoulders
Maria! You got to try to make a VR video... THAT'S SO AWESOME!
Feeling very cuddly and lovey dovey today. So I scream from the top of the mountains "I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE SO GOOD TO ME!" Big squeeeeeeezey hug :))) ♥
nora bouazzouni
Hi Maria! I loved it when you were writing on that metallic pad in the physical exam video, would you consider doing a "writing" or "drawing" ASMR video? Love from France <3
‫مهند حسان‬‎
maria we are waiting for your next video :)
Машка, сними ролевую игру парикмахер со звуком ножниц
Andrew Charles (Dumbledalf)
Congrats on reaching 500K Subs!!! :)
meg martin
Hello, Maria. Thank you for all of your videos and for the frequency you add new content to your channel.
Have you considered making your videos available as some kind of downloadable podcast or something similar? I have found myself in situations, particularly on an airplane, where I did not have wifi and wished I had your soothing sounds to listen to.
I know I, for one, would be more than willing to purchase individual recordings of yours to download if that were an option!
Warmly, Meg
Daciana Van Price
Audio downloadables would be fantabulous. Just a suggestion.
Johansen Autobahn
Thank you for your videos. I'm surprised this is just a hobby for you, it seems like you put a lot of work into it.
Nathan Mack
500 Thousand, half a million! Congrats Maria!
David K
Hi Maria :) Any chance you'd re-do the towel folding video with your wonderful new microphones?
achraf Zou
i love you so much,thank you for everything you do in my life even tho you can't realize it <3 much love
Drake Blakeson
Hello! I adore your channel and your lovely voice. It's truly amazing and tingle-worthy :)! If you're taking requests, I had the idea of an ASMR RP if you were interested?
Katie C
Maria, could you please make more simple whisper videos with no binaural? :) I LOVE the Back to Basics videos
In only a short while you'll hit 500k subs!..Gosh!..That's soo many people!.Type in ''500,000 people'' into google images and thats how many watch you on the regular.
Dabaruss Daba
Van Gonzalez
Hi Maria ,please send me your PO box to send a few gifts ...thanks
Bassmon Человек
danny alderson
Hi there I want to thank you for making a huge difference to my life! I've had OCD for many years which becomes so bad I go through periods of depression which also gives me insomnia. My doctor has referred to see specialists and I've tried lots of different types of therapy but none have worked for me in the long term. Then a couple of years ago I  found ASMR and your videos. I can honestly say that your videos have help me more than anything. My mind becomes totally clear and I become extremely relaxed. I watch one of your videos every night, it's the only way I can sleep. Thank You very much.
nice pic
Hi Maria, I'm going through a lot of self-discovery and discovering of who I am lately because I have realized that I am not living as my most genuine self and I was wondering if you had any advice, or knew of any videos you made talking about self-discovery... I admire you because you are so genuine & you seem like you know who you are, so I was wondering if you had any advice... I love you you always make me feel so good!
Natalia Kucinska
" PROSZE PANI PANEMAJE PO RUSKI CZY POLSKI? BT i'm NATALIA, hi sweetie, i'm russian and polish, and I'l l write you again but Ive never heard of ASMR, until was just googling like (and ive heard now-Morgan Freemanvery highly known for his unique voice, Honestly I thought I was weird, when I would LOVE to hear someones gentle voice, came over here in a refugee camp through Italy, it's a loooooooong story) But as much as I would love to actually finish one of your "ASMR ' videos you seem to put me to sleep, I automatically go to theone with your personal Make upwhich as u say you had soo many requests, AnywaysIhope u respond because I'm a recovering addict, with ADHD(hard enough to go tosleep Withmeds, Buti'dliketo maybe like umm, personally request some type of ,well if youcould help meI ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT RELAX OR CLEAR my mind,likeliterally impossible..and my keyboard is allsorts of messed up, (im notstupid, actuallyprettyintelligent) so my apologies for this completely messy grammar, I am completely bilingual, 32 grew up in (where else - ) Brighton Beach brooklyn nyc. please respond, like im now joining a church,ive been tosooooooooooo many rehabs and could usesome therapynondrug related. and i normally Do not get along with girls, (they seem to dislike me usually because i get along with their BF's and vice a versa. - again, Dzienkuje Bardzo / speceba/ slotkje sny! (DLA MNIE.. LOL) & BTW I'm nothitting on u..LOL ( i just re-read what i wrote :_) )
Lee Riley
Unsubbed. Thank you for the videos.
stefano lazzaroni
Hi Maria from Italy, you're wonderful , I hear Your voice every night. Sorry for my English. Thanks for all , you're a very nice girl as well, a little compliment from an italian fan. Ciao
12 Pounds
Hi Maria I just watched your latest video (love it as I always do). The last 2 minutes worried me though, you seemed very emotional (possibly from the wine, presents and the hour of the morning). I hope you are taking care of yourself.
Much love
Kingdom of Tingles
Hi Maria, love your soothing voice and videos! Thanks! :)
Mrs. Maria, when will you sign up on Patreon??? I know your fans would love to contribute to your living on a regular basis, as thanks for all the happiness you bring to us!
Callie Driver
can you do a video that features more of the hairbrush with the bristles and tapping noise? Also playing with hair? 
glad to see your still around Gentle Whispering Lady. many asmr people are leaving and not making videos again can you care to report on this news for updates thank you love your vids keep making them.
Emma Bee
Firstly- I hope you're well :)
Secondly- Perhaps one day you could make another fabric cutting/fitting video like the end of your suit fitting video? I LOOOVED that part :D
Hi Maria! Just wanted to say that you are the first ASMR youtuber I ever started watching, and you are still my favorite! I love your videos, they help calm me down whenever I feel anxious. You seem like the sweetest, most genuine person ever, and I wish the best for you! :) p.s. if you are ever looking for requests, one of my favorite videos of yours is the Hands Visual Relaxation video, if you ever consider doing another one of those that would be amazing!!
I loved your draw my life - best one ever!
I have always wondered how tall you are. Love all your vids. keep up the great work.
Paid Mason

Just to let you know, numerous people would like you to redo this video:  ==Russian Teacher Relaxing RP==

Keep up the good work.  You're the best YouTube channel for ASMR!
So, is there an unwritten pact or something that all ASMRtists have to put "ASMR" at the end of their Youtube channel name? Or does everyone just have the exact same idea. 
Cinthya Daniele
Hello Maria! I write from Argentina !, I love your videos are the most ! I'm always a little nervous altered or reassure me , which I like are the tapping and scraching ... as video cards or love cute paper . You have to do more such videos !!!! they are the best!!! You're a person with a very positive and harmonious energy ... very few videos ASMR cause such tranquility in me. Many kisses and greetings from Argentina ! and I hope more videos tapped please !!!!! muaaa !!!!!!!!!!
Atsushi Komori (komokomo0217)
Nice to meet you.
I'm listening to before always going to bed.
Her voice and behavior is very calm me!
Thank you.
Hi, Maria. You might not remember this, but quite some time ago, you encouraged me to make ASMR videos. I suggested to you that you should make a video describing the way different things would feel if a person were to pass through them while intangible. I don’t think you ever used the idea, unless I missed it, but you did tell me it was such a good idea that I should me making my own videos. I never forgot that, and I have, after all this time, finally started, beginning with the concept I originally suggested to you.

Like I said, I don’t expect you to remember that, but in case you did, I wanted to let you know that I took that advice to heart, and I wanted to thank you.
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