Kseniya Simonova

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Hi! I am Kseniya Simonova, winner of "Ukraine's got talent", master of sand animation. This is my YouTube channel. Here you can see my new sand stories and also artworks created in other animation techniques. Welcome and enjoy watching! Привет! Я Ксения Симонова, Мастер песочной анимации, победитель первого проекта "Украина мае талант". Это мой канал на YouTube, здесь Вы найдёте новые работы, созданные как в технике песочной анимации, так и в других анимационных техниках (снежная графика, пластическая анимация). Добро пожаловать и приятного просмотра! Официальный сайт показать ссылку MY OFFICIAL SITE показать ссылку

Hello Kseniya. RESPECT from Bulgaria. i hope make an art for Bulgarian people and Bulgarian music.
I love you art.
Roger H
hi Kseniya I love your "Legends of China" video! the panda was great =)
Sabar Corleone
Дмитрий Щегульцов
Ксения, ты не превзойдённая...!
Greg James
You have an exceptional talent.  Thank you for sharing it!!!!
Patrick Belfiore
you are an angel,and u tell message to all peoples who can love this world
Jane Burden Morris
Kseniya eres extraordinaria! Muchas gracias por compartir tu maravilloso arte!
Besos desde España
Rm Heaven
I would just like to say: Thank you. Your work is very beautiful. I look forward to seeing all of your other new art.
Michael Van Bever
Very beautiful stuff. No wonder u won the talent show of ukraine. Very nice! Do you use ordinary Sand? On a black glass palet? 
Islam El-Ghazali
hello Kseniya, your lebonon video was amazing, I would hope in the future you do one about the beautiful city of Granada Spain and capture the Alhambra. Good luck, Love, money, and health. 
I must agree with Dionysos Lysios, I like to see all the movements that go into your work.  I don't like where some of it is skipped.  Your lovely art is as much the performance of creating it, as it is the end result.  (I hove this translates well)
Thank you again,
Stan Brewer
Hi Kseniya, your videos deeply moved me. My deep respect for you and your art! 
You have a fantastic God given talent. I like not only your art, but the way it is created, and the good you have done with it.
I do not know if it would transfer to sand art well, but if it could I would love to see you do Meatloafs "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" in this media.
Thank you,
Stan Brewer
Lovely Kseniya my respect for your miracles!!! I saw your creations for the first time, two hours  ago , and my knowledges about gigted and talent persons are all for you !!! You will have all goods from the God and you will give your dreams for us to live in a magic world!!! God bless you!!! I want to tell you more but I have not words ... You are a real dream in Life !!! ( John Tsirikos, Athens, Greece ) 
Such deep and powerful emotions. You are amazing. Much love and respect from Mexico.
ramin khani
 i love you
stefanos antonakoudis
hello kseniya. RESPECT from Greece. i hope make an art for greece.
Brilliant, beautiful work!  I'm so envious!
Ere Todo
Muchas gracias por compartir tus habilidades!!!!
Mandeep Kang
Kseniya you make me so proud of being a Ukrainian deep in my heart. You are like a light of hope in the darkness that shrouds my beloved country, that has given me so much in life. God bless the greatest nation on earth. May we all stand united in this hour of strife and great tribulations. God bless you.
Pure Genius personally, ...
Dionysos Lysios
It's too bad to see so many hurried-up videos—fast-motion. I'd much rather see them in real time. Because these works of art are also narratives, speeding them up reminds me of playing a '33 vinyl at '78 speed.
Данияр Джаркынбаев
Спасибо Вам за Ваше великолепное творческое отношение к искусству!!!
David M Scott
your beautiful art process reminds me of the beginning of my unusual art natural mineral art created illusions.  Since I am allergic to manufactured paints, due to agent Orange affliction from Vietnam.  i went in search of some thing that was natural.  Ran across an article on Navajo Indian sand Painting.  The say that the earth is a natural paint pot.  For their sand paintings they grind earth minerals for their material.  Using a mortar & Pestle made from lava stone , grinding gives them the sand texture to paint with the thumb and first fore finger.  I started using Carbon Coal to [paint with starting since 1947 because I was to poor to purchase artist paint.  using just carbon Coal and chalk created portraits for six years while aboard a Navy Ship.  I returned to my earth minerals which I grind to a talcum texture grinding in a mortar and pestle made from unpolished marble.  My fingers I use plus all natural God created tools.  I ground the minerals into the fibers of the materials spraying with hair spray to seal the minerals.  The Navajo Indian president a woman for the first time in the history of the Navajo's has started a college teaching sand painting, but are allowing them to do them on board in a frame, sealing the art with poly glass pour.  Then allowed to be sold to start making money by their sale for the first time in history. would like to learn more about your unique from of art. you can visit my art info on David M Scott redbubble.  Keep up the beautiful illusions, ansd remeber that dreams are life and what you do with them can change your life for the good.
Lisa Gluck
It's beautiful, temporary, I want to look more, but it gets brutally stolen from us….Genius, a real lesson on the impermanence of life.
Jason Safronoff
You have a wonderful way of feeding people with your artwork. People need imagination, to turn to Good. One could only imagine so much by loving so quickly, it shows your emotions and belief. 
Nancy Apa
You are absolutely amazing, what a beautiful addition to artistry in our world as we know it.......
Amy Tiller
You are the first short video that brought me to tears.  Absolutely moving, stunning, and impacting talent you have.  Such immense amounts of emotion.  Absolutely captivating.  Bravo!
God bless your country
john bethell
I have just subscribed to your channel because I get very emotional when watching you perform. Not only are you very beautiful but your art is so amazing, the way you tell stories through art  is a gift from Heaven  Thankyou for sharing this gift with us you are a truly wonderful lady with a loving heart and soul I look forward to seeing more of your works I am a New Zealander  I knew nothing of Ukrain history till i saw your video now I will research on Ukrain
Jared Brodersen, The Unloved Poet
Love your artwork, I just subscribed!
Все приходящее и уходящее а искусство -вечно . У Вас большой талант + глубокий философский смысл в работах .Желаю удачи Вам и творческих успехов !!!
juan salas acosta
The best improved
Admiro mucho su Arte; le deseo siga cosechando éxitos !!! Ucrania Freedom
lougin khaled
Hi Kseniya! I really loved your work,I just loved your sand stories,you are inspiring, greeting from Jordan, god bless you!
Breathlessly stunning work!Better than a fairy tale..Excellent!
Al Gee
wondeful.......passion, expression, rhythm....... peace and love from Greece.
Kseniya Simonova is an Artist who kept trying no matter what.I hope many artists see this.Artists need appreciation and we need them.
Igor Lebedev
Вы и Ваши работы необыкновенны! Благодарю и восхищаюсь
SV Ivanov
С днем рождения, уважаемая!
King Lazy
You're too amazing! Which planet are you from? Thank you for sharing your art! Love it!
Thank you that you are (and your amazing gift). Respect!
Cristian Daniel Cordoba
terribly beautiful.... i love Your art
Emma Bourke
my art teacher showed us a video of your artwork the other day. it is incredibly beautiful and i showed it to all of my family. i've watched many more and i really admire it, your work is amazing.
Igor Komarov
Потрясающе искусство! приезжай в Чикаго -Igor Komarov
ahmed makki
Я бідний молодий чоловік з Іраку, я хочу допомогти тобі, ти і я люблю працювати з вами
Bojan Miletic
Kseniya Simonova Winner of "Ukraine's Got Talent" - Requiem of Sand THIS IS BEST OF THE BEST: POZDRAV IZ SRBIJE
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