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Hey everyone! My name is Igor Kazarin, and I'm a portrait artist. Here, I upload some portrait drawing videos and other cool videos for Youtube. I draw realistic portraits. Among these drawing techniques, I want to show the most popular and newest styles of drawing portraits by DRY BRUSH on Youtube. If you liked Show your support by subscribing!

Thomas Baron
do you take requests?
my girlfriends wants me to do a portrait of the 2 of us together and I cant draw as well as I used to, my eyes aren't what they used to be,
how much would it cost for you to do a portrait of us together,
I would be sure to credit you with the work,
please reply soon
Micah Buzan
Your portraits are really impressive. You should do Thom Yorke :)
Mohamed Al-Sayed
I would love to see you paint a colored portrait in action, like the second one from the left in your cover photo.
Diego Chala
i am your fan
Lukis Wajah Shop (Karikaturdotid)
good chanel
carlos sanches
that using materials with the paint brush is not for my looks makeup or chalk powder so as a video of your materials you dare

que materiales usas con el pincel no es pintura para mi parece maquillaje o tiza en polvo es así as un vídeo de tus materiales te animas
Robot Lover
Igor, your drawings are superb - you capture the beauty of your subjects. Perhaps you can create a picture of Rose Byrne or a young Isabelle Adjani.
Hi, I want you to draw my girlfriend. how much will it be cost?
Adrián Mészáros
Hi! With what you prepare your drawings (you are a paint coal dust)??
Kay L
Could you please draw a picture of Cory Monteith  in his remembrance, and Lea Michele because she is going through a rough time. Thanks :)
Art Swirled
Hi :)
Marie Alexander
i loved your drawing it was very very beatiful and i would love to draw like that someday and wat was that song you used for the video
hello friend I want to ask what are the materials you use for your amazing portraits please dimelos
Melanie Minaj
Hello, could you draw a picture of Nicki Minaj ? 
Juan Gualberto Lopez
Cual es la tecnica que usa
Edgar Ramos Rodriguez
EglisonSS Jahelezi
you are amazing!!!!!!!!
Anvar Ashurov
I think its time for you to be a partner of YouTube, u can make some money here also))))
Juan Manuel
Hola, podrias decirme el material que ocupas para hacer los retratosen blanco y negro??
granPaw .Kiev
Nice channel we subbed please sub back thx :-) Kiev
Candy Gun
can you drawing Hardwell??
luis cruz
hello I love art especially drawing paintings tell me q type q use have videos teach your tecnicas.pintas beautiful. thank
hassib taraki
ты самый лучший художник в мире
can you please draw Celine Dion? (;
The Sketchbook Artist
Great portraits! I love the dry brush technique
Tony Nguyen
Please support me
you have such a flair and i'm impressed and amazed by that!!!!
Can you draw me? I'm sure you get that a lot but I would love for you to draw me, i can send you a picture.
you should teach me how to draw like that :)
YOU ARE AN ARTIST!!!!!!!!! I wanna be like you ♥.♥
Christian flores-cordova
Cool Technique, how do you counter the opaqueness that occurs after the oil has dried and the gloss diminishes?. In Oil paint in apply sealants, do you do the same to the paper?.
You are so amazing!
Daniela de Bouvier
hi! :) It's incredible what you do! *O* Someday.. could you draw Pierre Bouvier from Simple Plan? :3 please? Keep drawing! It's awesome!
amanda almeida da silva
you are really good...
Caboje BR
make one of Alicia Keys =)
Hi! I love you work, but you homepage craze me! I understand russian and german language, but you homepage in german is an absolute scream!
Tracy Lustick
Hello to all who see this post; I'm in need of purpose or inspiration of sorts. My unique situation has me in a physical and physiological quandary and so i'm looking for some insight. I have had a long fight with M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) and have suffered a grave loss in my intellect and creativity. I am a adequate artist in several mediums but seemed to have lost my drive to create or be creative. To any artist within the sight of this post knows this could be the most depressing outcome imaginable. I feel I've lost my "Why" , the reason I paint, the purpose behind my paintings. This is a very empty feeling to my life and though I'm anything but weak, still I refuse to give in. So this is why I ask this simple and not so simple question of you all. Why do we draw and paint? what is the purpose of creating these images? For me , it's the challenge.. I think. Remind me why I paint, draw and sing.
noutmy Silva
nice videos
Gigi Cuxe
when u draw potrait is like taking a photo...i mean...the people in potrait look real.....u're real amazing!!
Hi. I really enjoy your paintings and plan to request a painting from you in near future. I have one other request. Please change the text and background color of your web page. Reading that combination is Very bad for eye and exausting.
hayley deveroux
Can u draw me? :P
Andy lorenzo santos
muy buenos los dibujos la verdad !!
Lyanne Gamez
I was wondering if you can draw me :D
Lara Vandooren
hi, I just watched your video , from britney spears :) i love it :) i was just wondering, since i've been looking for something to make the hair of my portrairts look better : ) can you give me some tips ? in your portrets it always look so realistic :)
Roxy Aiyana
WOW... You have some amazing talent! :)
great channel i subbed
Matias Säily
How about drawing Lady Gaga?
Only portrait missing is of Jennifer Lawrence.I saw one artist do it but I think you would do far better job,please if you got time draw her,you'll get a lot of views-I am certain! S Novim Godom i Rozdenstvom Hristovim :-)
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