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Welcome to my channel, I'm a mad scientist - home-bird. Rage is my trademark, and attribute. My movies and experience what I present in them are crazy, quirky, gentle and often inept and pathetic. Some of my films are positive in the reception and some questionable, all the while there are always interesting and fascinating. Films presenting topics of optical illusions, physical experience, simple to perform and sometimes more complex experiments. You can always learn from them something interesting, my videos are fascinating. My videos include ideas known since ancient times, I present them in various forms. I encourage you to subscribe to my feed and frequent visits. Add me to contacts and my videos to your favorites. Comment on my channel. ---------------------- Contact me by email: YTigor30 @ gmail DOT com Currently I am looking for people that could help me in promote my channel. Cooperation with other channels welcome (promoting mutual).

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Welcome piano stranger! Here is a small FAQ: 1. Program that I use - synthesia 2. Music in the intro - Fur Elise 3. I take song requests. Leave them in comments, not in PM) 4. I get tons of requests everyday) I read them all and trying to complete the most popular and interesting stuff. Sometimes it takes time. I still have some songs in progress, which were requested 1-2 months ago) So be patient and stay with my channel, enjoying already uploaded 1,5k videos)) 5. For sheet music and midi's please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/graffitypiano (help me restore grand piano) 6. also videos with on-screen score could be found on my other channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMZbIwUj6qYaGYP7NkunPuw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxUZB1zfdYhYcQISq4nqwjA Good luck and have a nice day!!! P.s. now you can support me directly: https://paypal.me/Graffity

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Самое интересное (Hand made) - это искусство самовыражения! Это изделия, которые создают своими руками ...вязанные вещи, открытки, корзинки, бусы и другие украшения и т.д. Это рукоделие, которому свойственна эксклюзивность. Оно в своем роде уникально! Когда ты что-то делаешь своими руками, это благоприятно влияет на внутренний мир, улучшается настроение, успокаивает.

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Творческая студия Gwinstudio по обучению компьютерной графике. Здесь вы сможете найти уроки по Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects и другое. GwinStudio TradeMark © All rights reserved | Copying of any material is prohibited [2015]