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The Puzzle Tech

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Меня зовут Oleg Puzzle и всю мою деятельность можно лицезреть на youtube.com/thePuzzleTech. Я занимаюсь критикой видеоигр, поиском пасхальных яиц, гайдами и трансляциями. Не имею предрассудков в оценке игр. Изучаю игровую индустрию и слежу за ней со всех сторон. Да и просто люблю поиграть.. -------------------------------- Стримы - Twitch.tv/thePuzzleTech Twitter - twitter.com/thePuzzleTech Steam - http://goo.gl/aBczeC -------------------------------- Webmoney: R994440279380 Яндекс Деньги: 410012268904509 PayPal переводы - https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/thePuzzleTech

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Крутотенечка! Gamebomb.ru Подпишись! →

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Свежие игровые новости, обзоры, даты релизов и последние трейлеры! Наш сайт: http://gamebomb.ru По вопросам рекламного сотрудничества пишите на adv@gamebomb.ru

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LOUNA was formed by Vit (bass) and Lou (vocals) of Moscow's leading alternative act TRACKTOR BOWLING to pursue wider musical ideas that were not fit within their original band. For this they have recruited guitarists Rouben Kazariyan (Southwake), Sergey Ponkratiev (Ens Cogitans) and young but talented drummer Pilot (Wayzz, Pony Clouds). After 9 months of musical creative research, hard work and intense rehearsing the new band presented a three song self-titled internet-EP and played its first successful gig at one of Moscow's famous venue ― Tochka revealing even more songs reflecting further musical direction of the band. Trying to escape any particular genre boundaries LOUNA's music extends beyond the regular alternative rock cliche incorporating a variety of different styles into their songs. Along with obvious new-metal, alternative and post-grunge influences you will find touches of eastern ethnic music and definite hardcore and even punk rhythmics in LOUNA's music. Lyrically the band stands in a non-compromise critical position digging into vexed problems of modern society. In 2009 LOUNA was nominated Best New Artist according to Russian Alternative Music Awards (RAMP). The band released two more Internet singles revealing more free music for the fans and letting wider audience watch the direction of LOUNA's musical evolution. During 2010 the band was touring and playing gigs intensely appearing in Russia's top summer festivals and meanwhile working over debut album. In December 2010 LOUNA released 10 brand new songs in a long-awaited debut album entitled "Make It Louder!". Not only younger audience but also local mass media's attention was attracted to LOUNA's songs raising harsh social issues, increasing expansion of religion, threats of totlitarian views, civil rights, ecological catastrophes and human indifference - everything that is usually stays out of public view. This release was actively supported by local scene and also international musicians. Erwin Khachikian (Serj Tankian & FCC keyboardist) recorded piano and synth parts for one of LOUNA's song.

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► Each day, I scour the entire internet for the most unbelievable clips it has to offer. I compile these clips and show them to you on Compilations.TV. What else could you need in a weekly compilations channel?

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