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Екатерина Мирошниченко

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School of Nail Design by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko offers courses of Nail Design of varying degrees of complexity: from basics to the heights of excellence. Nail Design Courses are designed so that anyone, who can not even draw, can repeat at the end of training sophisticated works of authorship. Brand «E.Mi» -- products for nail design , represented by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. All the nuances and subtleties of nail art were taken into account in production process. It is of high quality. «E.Mi» -- is a line of gel paints and brushes made in Germany by special order, as well as decorations for nails, and company's accessories for the job. To work with the production of «E.Mi» is so convenient that you can realize your any wildest dreams.

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Arena Combat

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Arena Combat is the ultimate 2-on-2 fighting experience where competitors run, climb and battle their way through the amazing 40ft x 40ft obstacle driven Arena. Here you witness the skills of traditional mixed martial arts fighting, parkour/free running and team based strategy joined together in the most exciting combat sport ever witnessed. Five reality-based obstacles of different size and height occupy the fighting area, providing additional dynamics for obtaining victory inside the Arena. This format allows outnumbered competitors to briefly avoid attack, while forcing their adversaries into the corner. These unique fighting conditions make teamwork, tactics and team spirit extremely important. The complexity, dynamics and excitement of these fights have no equal in the sporting world, as nearly every bout is finished by a knockout or submission. However, a truly game fighter always has a chance to win, despite being outnumbered!